About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!

I am Bradley Langshaw web developer extraordinaire. Like many people, 2020 presented the opportunity to work remotely; I am fortunate to be able to split my time between Canada and the Philippines. Being a professional full stack developer, a have significant experience in WordPress and PHP, as well as a high proficiency in other languages and frameworks. I am a passionate learner achieving qualifications with software, hardware, and anything in between. Most recently I completed my Google IT Professional Certification. My career has provided me with eclectic opportunities and experiences.

The following are some of my highlights:

• While at Georgian College, taking Interactive Web Development and Mobile Design, I was hired by an independent local business, CMI Electric Inc. to build and host their website. I was able to do this through my own Ubuntu webserver that I had built from an outdated laptop.

• To advance my qualifications, I pursued and obtained my Application Development certification, learning C++, Android Studio, iOS Swift and more. During this time period, I used Upwork and Fiverr to obtain global clients.

• During my cooperative placement I joined Tech Tap Inc. with responsibility to build custom applications for large touch screen displays as interactive marketing experiences utilizing both web technologies and software.

• Larche Branding hired me as one of their lead web developers. In this position I was a crucial proponent in creating new websites for clients (See more: Projects). Participating in team meetings, my input helped make decisions about the direction to take projects. In addition to new projects, my responsibilities also included maintaining, updating and securing over a thousand previously made websites. This would include helping with server(plesk), PHP and WordPress updates.

• With a desire to expand my experience, I joined Spectra Aluminum Products Ltd. My position included working with Visual Basic for Windows applications as well as ASP.net and C#. I enjoyed working with a team of 5 developers creating in hours applications for their factories and thousands of employees. The applications were used for tracking tolerances in their production, inventory, shipping information and employee scheduling.

• My time working with Canadian Musicians Co-operative as a lead developer and IT team member, I was able to recreate their Wix.com website on WordPress. By moving to WordPress, new features were created that allowed the thousand plus users to book meetings with team members, studio time, and specific instruments. Being a mentor for the new developers I was able to spend more time handling IT tickets expanding my scope into a general IT specialist role.

I am always open to new opportunities as I continue to grow my portfolio of experience. Send me a message so we can discuss your needs and how I can assist you. Contact me today!